About Us

The SAIT Photojournalism Major begins in the second year of the Journalism diploma program after the students have completed two full semesters of journalism courses in several media disciplines. This first year allows our students to study a broader cross section of the media industry, which will help them determine a potential career path. Before the second year begins, the students must declare their intention to pursue the Photojournalism Major.

There are only 16 seats available in the Photojournalism Major. Acceptance into the program is based on grades, and a portfolio submission at the end of the second semester. The instructors, as well as industry professionals from across Canada, take part in the portfolio evaluations. Photojournalism today is a multidisciplinary career. As such, they require skills not only in photography, but also writing, editing, interviewing, audio/video gathering and editing, and much more.

Should you require more information about our program, please contact Kevin Udahl at kevin.udahl@sait.ca.