About Us

The SAIT Photojournalism Major begins in the second year of the Journalism diploma program after the students have completed their first year (semester 1 and 2). This first year gives the students a chance to explore several disciplines within the journalism/communications industry. It allows our students to study a broader cross section of the media industry, which will help them determine a potential career path. After completing their first two semesters of study, learners may declare their intention to pursue the photojournalism major program for their second year.

Our photo major students possess knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of areas including photography, picture editing, story development, file and asset management, videography, video editing, multimedia processes and platforms, writing, social media, content management systems, interviewing techniques, layout & design, public relations, and much more.

With these skill sets, our students are well positioned to seek entry level positions with any type of digital or print-based journalism/editorial enterprise. However, even though our program’s emphasis is on photojournalism, we do not limit our students to just journalism-based organizations. In fact, we encourage our students to explore companies or businesses that specialize in multimedia production, media relations, corporate communications, public relations, commercial / wedding photography studios, and even non-profit, charitable and educational organizations that employ digital media specialists. For the past several years, our students have excelled at these types of organizations as the value of visual storytelling has taken on more importance in today’s commercial and editorial digital media landscape.

Should you require more information about our program, please contact one of our student advisors at: business.advising@sait.ca.