Rich Kiss

Calgary musician Rich Kiss talks about life and music. Multimedia Project by Jenn Kerr.

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  1. Nasro says:

    agapimenoi mou KALA XRISTOUGENNA kai oti kalyetro sas efmhoe apo kardias. Ygeia kai ola ta ypoloipa tha ta agorasoume, opos lei kai ena dafimistiko edo sto america. I love u and miss you always.loveroula

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  9. My thoughts are with you all, so sorry for your loss, it is never easy. I just always remember Aunt Verna as being the smilyest person! I hope you can all picture her smile in your hearts forever. Our condolences,Dave, Marsha & Brianna Steger

  10. http://www./ says:

    Beautiful card again !! and your garden is so lush and green. The Iris are such a gorgeous colour, they look like one of your card creations !! TFS both your garden and your card :0) Hope the alergies clear up soon!!

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