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A gallery of photographs adorns the walls of the Reg Erhardt Library at SAIT in Calgary on Thursday, April 7, 2016. The temporary exhibition features the work of the journalism program's second-year photo major students. (Photo by Rob Galbraith/SAIT)
2016 Student Showcase Event at the Reg Erhardt Library

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, just think how thought-provoking 32 well-composed, beautifully-printed, and prominently-displayed images would be! That is exactly what you will experience at the Reg Erhardt Library between April 6th and April 20th as second-year students of SAIT’s photojournalism major program show wha…


Pantry Princess  Second year baking and pastry arts student, Katelyn Gallup, 21, poses for a portrait in the Senator Burns Building at SAIT in Calgary on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. Gallup decided to take this program when she was in high school, realizing her two favourite things were cars and cooking. She now wishes to open up a bakery in honour of her aunt who passed away and was able to leave funds behind to help start up the business. (Photo by Pier Moreno Silvestri/The Press)
Day in the Life Project – 2017

Every year our second year photo major students fan out across SAIT’s various campuses and capture (in pictures) the daily happenings of life at SAIT in a single 24-hour period. It is a photographic exploration of both students and staff, and their unique places of work and study. The project allows our students to …

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